Delivery methods

We always select the most effective way to cater to our customers’ needs and offer tailored models of co-operation.

Individual talents for hire 

We provide a full range of necessary skills and competencies as our talent pool consists of individuals of a proven track record, all based in Europe and ready to work for you. We facilitate every aspect related to mobilization, monitoring and remuneration of the chosen talent. Hiring an individual developer is recommended when there is full clarity of the task and skill set absent in the already on-boarded team.

Development task forces 

When you realize that your in-house competencies are lacking some important skills, you probably need a few dedicated professionals to fill in the gaps. We offer quick mobilization of properly designed development teams (or dev squads) to address your challenges. Typical cases include creating new scrum teams when some roles cannot be filled internally.

Ready to personalize platforms 

Our portfolio includes several interesting, scalable solutions with proven ability to enhance business performance. We offer advanced personalization of our proprietary solutions for digital onboarding, RM support, sales of financial products, management of digital premises and more. For the full list of available options – visit the ‘Solutions’ section.

Complex integrations 

We have been working for financial institutions for years. What we have learnt is that the real challenge begins when a single implementation ends. New, agile solutions need to be integrated with heave legacy systems and this is when the real game begins. Our approach to complex integration projects is based on a dedicated team supported by the expertise of other senior engineers. Project management matters and we provide that service.


Complex, multi-system implementations need a specific approach. We prefer taking full, end-to-end responsibility. This way we successfully deliver solutions meaningful for your business. This includes building entirely new businesses from scratch as well as a full replacement of outdated technologies.