Value delivered

We are committed to creating the ultimate value for our customers and delivering it on time, in line with the highest quality and security standards.


The best rule is to pay for the talent you really need and who actually works for your projects. Quercus not only gives you access to the large pool of outstanding talents but it also guarantees proper identification of the talent you will require.

You can hire individuals, contract small but efficient developer teams (dev squads) or precisely fulfil gaps in your competencies while creating new scrums or project teams.

We also work as full-stack vendor delivering complex implementations with end-to-end responsibility, always on time. In case you ever need to clean a mess, we can mobilize our task force with the key competencies required to solve your problems.


We merged high-quality delivery with predictable project time span. It is achieved by detailed monitoring of the work progress, based on multiple data points. The quality reports are always available for our customers because we know that transparency is the way to the best quality.

We follow the development policies with an embedded focus on quality. We always recommend careful architecture design and choice of technology. We’ve never believed in “fake it until we make it”.

Our quality assurance processes are supported by AI able to learn on past issues and incidents. This approach guarantees our continuous improvement. We’ve done our homework and we always will.

Our proprietary solutions are matured and checked by our clients. They are reliable, stable, scalable and predictable. The same approach is applied when we deliver software on demand.


We are obsessed with punctuality. In our opinion, there is nothing more disappointing than a missed deadline, yet, unfortunately, it seems to be an actual industry standard. We know that on-time delivery is achievable if your vendor is truly committed to doing so. We are committed.

Rather than ‘move fast and break things’, our motto is ‘Handle tight deadlines and maintain high standards of work’. Quick coding is easy when one does not care about quality but here at Quercus, we will always value quality over quantity.

AI-supported progress monitoring is effectively supporting on-time delivery. We are able to identify delivery risks early enough to prevent delays.


With us, you can take security for granted. We know it very well that even the best technology becomes useless and dangerous if it comprises security. Therefore, we protect the whole process of our development to eliminate risks and deliver the final product in a secure way.

We use the best available technologies including complete, end-to-end strong encryption and an additional protection layer of monitored processes. Elements of machine learning were implemented in our security risk detection systems. It enables us to react before any security breach materializes.

The secure development process is amended by our quality assurance policies. All our software undergoes multiple security tests before it is approved for deployment. We are agile in using multiple technologies to deliver the best solutions for you. However, we only use safe technologies of proven high levels of security. We never compromise the security of what we produce and what you get. This is a crucial part of our commitment.